Dacian limes

The legionary fort from Turda (Photo made by M. Szabó)

In the beginning of 2nd century A.D. with the consolidation of the Roman control in the region the creation of the defensive system had started. Stemming from its status reminding of an outpost a significant number of soldiers were stationed in the province of Dacia. In the central part of the province, at Apulum (Alba-Iulia), the III Gemina legion was stationed, then during the time of the marcomannic wars the V Macedonica legion arrived to Potaissa (Turda). Along the main roads, in the interior of the province a significant number of auxiliary troops were located, the role of which, was to ensure an in-depth defense. The auxiliary troops based along the borderline (limes) constituted the outer line of the concentric defense system and supervised the limes road, which ran parallel with the border.