The eastern limes of Dacia

The eastern limes of Roman Dacia (Map made by M. Szabó)

At the moment twelve auxiliary camps are known on the eastern limes of Dacia (Liveziile, Orheiul Bistriţei, Brâncoveneşti, Călugăreni, Sărăţeni, Inlăceni, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Sânpaul, Olteni, Comalău, Boroşneu Mare and Breţcu) and scholarship presumes the existence of two other (Gurghiu and Baraolt). In the vicinity of these camps, civilian settlements (vicus) came into existence, which were the most important religious, economic and cultural centers of the area in the Roman period. The communication between the forts and their supply was achieved through a road (limes road) running parallel to the border, which is known only in short sectors. The control and protection of this border section was achieved through a complex system of watchtowers and outposts as well as ditches and ramparts used to block the valleys. Such towers are documented in the territories of the settlements of Băile Homorod, Ocland, Păuleni, Eremitu, Ibăneşti and Chiheru de Jos.