Sad news

Sad newsVeit Stürmer left us with tragic sudden. His death shocked all of us. We mourn a great friend and collegue. Constanze Höpken & Manuel Fieler, Szilamér Pánczél, Gregor Döhner, István Bajusz & Silvia Mustață, Marie-Hélène Grunwald, László Lenkey, Angela Lumezeanu, Nicoleta Man, Christoph Merzenich, Koppány Ötvös, Dávid Petruț, Katalin Sidó, Máté Szabó, Zsolt Vasáros, Loránt Vass and all those who participated at our Transylvanian project. Continue reading

The fieldschool from 2013

The fieldschool from 2013Archaeological investigations on the Eastern limes of Dacia

From the 21st of July until the 18th of August 17 lecturers and 50 students from Germany, Hungary and Romania have participated at an archaeological field school close to the Eastern border of Roman Dacia and it’s vicinity. The project focuses on the general investigation of the borderline, and especially on the localization of watchtowers and definition of the inner structures of the auxiliary forts and settlements belonging to Continue reading