Distance: 33 km Pavement: asphalt, gravel

From Târgu Mureș, on highway 15, head towards north; pass through Sângeorgiu de Mureș and arrive in Ernei, there, take a turn to the right to the county road marked 153A. Pass through Icland Călușeri and Isla and arrive to Dămieni. In the village centre turn right, cross the Niraj River, and then turn to the municipal road nr. 27, after 2 km arrive to Călugăreni.

Distance: 37 km Pavement: asphalt, gravel

Follow another route from Târgu Mureș to Sighişoara on highway 13, then before leaving the town turn left to county road 135 towards Livezeni. Pass through Ivănești, Sânișor, Lăureni, Șardu Nirajului and Tâmpa until Miercurea Nirajului. In the settlement centre turn left to the county road 135A, then through Valea arrive to Vărgata, turn right to the municipal road 27. Pass through Grâușorul and Dămieni, continue on a 5 km long gravel road, which follows the track of the Roman road, and arrive in Călugăreni. The road from Târgu Mureș to Dămieni is good quality asphalt road with periodical high traffic. From Dămieni to Călugăreni is a gravel road of average quality, which follows the track of the Roman road. The archaeological site can be found at the northern entrance of the village along the road to Dămieni. Information concerning the Roman site from Călugăreni can be found here.