Route along the Mureş

Târgu Mureş – Ibăneşti-Pădure: Cetăţuia Mică – Vătava: Cetăţele – Brâncoveneşti – Târgu Mureş
Total Distance: 161 km

The recommended route follows the next track:

Târgu Mureş – Ibăneşti-Pădure: Cetăţuia Mică (Roman watchtower)

Distance: 51 km
Level difference: 210 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

From Târgu Mureș continue on highway 15 through Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Ernei, Dumbrăvioara, Gornești, Periș, and Petelea then arrive to Reghin. After passing by the settlement’s name plate turn right to county road 153C, and then continue through Gurghiu and Ibănești, and arrive to Ibănești-Pădure. Pass the junction leading to Toaca and the general school, turn right then on a gravel road arrive to a triple junction. Continue on the middle road until you reach the last house from where proceed on foot with the help of the hiking track. Experienced cyclists can complete the track with tour bikes.
Detailed information about the hiking track for the Roman watchtower in Ibăneşti-Pădure can be found here.
Recommended rest place: Periş, White Horse Guesthouse (on the main road).

Ibăneşti-Pădure: Cetăţuia Mică – Vătava: Cetățele (Roman watchtower)

Distance: 50 km
Level difference: 250 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

Starting from Ibăneşti-Pădure, through Ibăneşti, go back to Gurghiu, where turn right towards Adrian. Through Adrian, Jabenița and Solovăstru arrive to Reghin. Before crossing the Mureş turn right to county road 154A. Continue through Ideciu de Jos, Ideciu de Sus, Lunca Mureșului and arrive to Aluniș, where cross the Mureş and turn left to highway 15. In Vălenii de Mureș turn right to municipal road 163. Leaving Râpa de Jos arrive to Vătava. Leave Vătava on the north, then on a 4 km moderately ascending dirt road section, which is feasible only with a mountain bike type bicycle, arrive to the site. The exact location of the watchtower is indicated on the map of the hiking track, for more information on it see.
Recommended rest place: Ideciu de Jos, Salt-baths

Vătava: Cetățele – Brâncoveneşti (Roman auxiliary camp)

Distance: 14 km
Level difference: 50 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

On municipal road 163 cycle back to Vălenii de Mureş, then turn right in the village to highway 15. Proceed on the right bank of the Mureş the next settlement is Brâncovenești. The site of the auxiliary camp can be found in the English garden and orchard of the Kemény castle.
Additional information about the auxiliary camp can be found here.

Brâncoveneşti – Târgu Mureş

Distance: 46 km
Level difference: 70 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

On highway 15 through Suseni arrive to Reghin, where on highway 16, which goes to Cluj Napoca, continue until Breaza, then turn left to county road 154J. Continue through Voivodeni, in Glodeni pass to the left bank of the Mureş, then in Dumbrăvioara turn right to highway 15 and pass through Ernei and Sântana de Mureş, and arrive to Târgu Mureş.
Recommended rest place: Voivodeni, Zichy castle.