Distance: 56 km
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

Starting from Târgu Mureș, on highway 15, head towards north; arrive in Reghin pass through Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Ernei, Dumbrăvioara, Gornești, Periș and Petelea. Continue through the city on highway 15 in the direction of Toplița, after leaving Suseni and Brâncovenești arrive in Vălenii de Mureș, where you should turn to the left on the municipal road 163. After crossing Râpa de Jos you will arrive to Vătava.
The route from Târgu Mureş to Vălenii de Mureş is a good quality asphalt paved road, with periodic high traffic. From Vălenii de Mureş until the centre of Vătava the road is of average quality with asphalt pavement and less busy. From the centre of the village, the first part of the road is covered with gravel then an earth road follows. To reach the Roman watchtower from the centre of Vătava we recommend taking the footpath. Concerning the footpath and the exact location of the site you can find more information here.
For more information on the site from Vătava see.