6R Day of Archaeology

The 11th of August in Călugăreni is dedicated to the Day of Archaeology,  based on six years of tradition. The aim of this day is to involve the public into the world of archaeology. The job of an archaeologist, besides showeling, finding treasures, troweling and brushing on the field, has many important sides, which complement each other. The main idea is that sharing our knowledge with the public is just as important as scientific research. One other very significant side is to teach and communicate to everyone the importance and the value of the cultural heritage, in order to understand and preserve it. The Day of Archaeology offers a behind the scenes view into the many tasks of an archaeologist. The visitors will have the opportunity to see and experience how an archaeological excavation is going on, visit an exhibition with special Roman objects, like handcuffs, moneyboxes, coins, and participate at the inauguration of a futuristic bellevue. Museum pedagogical activities will not be missing from both the Franciscan Monastery and the Barn Theatre, in the presence of well trained Roman soldiers and lively music.