Rescue excavations at Călugăreni

35186141_455638884887846_4306075782234505216_nSince november 2017 in the villages of Eremitu commune canalization works have started, according to these interventions, along the Roman settlement rescue excavations are needed.

DSC_0289In order to clarify the extent of the Roman settlement, the archaeological supervision started at Dămieni, but until the railway passage between Dămieni and Căugăreni, except a few Roman shards from the modern road, only neolithic traces were found, represented by some pottery fragments. The rescue excavation started on the road running parallel north to the fort, where a 100 m long trench with two basins was opened. Durnig the excavations were discovered waste pits and a daub fireplace, with a dog skull underneath. These stuctures were part of the civilian settlement, which belonged to the military fort, and have major role in understanding the stratigraphy and the chronology of the site. From the repertoire of the finds a large quantity of ceramic material, a ceramic moneybox, snake-pot fragments, bronze fibulae and two rings can be mentioned. After this trech was finished, a new one was opened after the railway passage, where the traces of the Roman settlement appeared.

35143324_455639264887808_294154927054258176_nThe rescue excavations continue in the direction of the fort and according to previous experiences they promise valuable results.