The Route of the auxiliary camps

Târgu Mureş – Brâncoveneşti – Călugăreni – Sărăţeni – Târgu Mureş
Distance: 165 km

The recommended route follows the following track:

Târgu Mureş – Brâncoveneşti (Roman auxiliary camp)

Distance: 47 km
Level difference: 180 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

Leave Târgu Mureș on highway 15 towards north. Pass through Sângeorgiu de Mureș and Ernei, and arrive to Dumbrăvioara, where turn right to county road 153B. In the next village, Glodeni, turn right to county road 154J, then through Voivodeni and Breaza, where turn right again to highway 16, which goes to Reghin. From here, continue heading north on highway 15. Through Suseni arrive to Brâncovenești. The Roman auxiliary camp can be found in the orchard and English garden of the Kemény castle.
Additional information about the Roman site from Brâncoveneşti can be found here.
Recommended rest place: Voivodeni, Zichy castle

Brâncoveneşti – Călugăreni (Roman auxiliary camp)

Distance: 45 km
Level difference: 310 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

In Brâncoveneşti cross the Mureş River and turn right to county road 154A, then through Ideciu de Sus and Ideciu de Jos arrive to Reghin. Leave the town in the direction of Târgu Mureş and for a short distance follow highway 15 then turn left to county road 153. Pass through Beica de Jos and after Nadășa turn right to county road 135A. After Sâmbriaș and Hodoșa reach county road 153A where turn left, then arrive to Dămieni. In the centre of the village turn right and follow the gravel village road 27 then arrive to Călugăreni. The Roman auxiliary camp can be found on the northern side of the village, close to Dămieni, for more information click here.
Recommended rest place: Sâmbriaş, Village Museum

Călugăreni – Sărăţeni (Roman auxiliary camp)

Distance: 28 km
Level difference: 250 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

Leave Călugăreni on road 27towards north, and then on county road 153A turn right. After Mătrici continue on county road 153, then pass through Eremitu and Săcădat, and arrive to Sovata. Continue towards south in the town, on highway 13A towards Târgu Mureş, then after 4 km from the road bifurcation arrive to Sărățeni. Today’s settlement overlays the Roman auxiliary camp for additional information see.

Sărăţeni – Târgu Mureş

Distance: 45 km
Level difference: 310 m
Pavement: asphalt, gravel

From Sărăţeni, on county road 135, cycle to Măgherani, then continue through Bereni, Miercurea Nirajului, Tâmpa, Șardu Nirajului, Lăureni, Sânișor, Ivănești and Livezeni, and arrive to Târgu Mureş.
Recommended rest place: Miercurea Niarjului, Csámborgó Restaurant (István Bocskai Square 38).